Workout of the Day

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Two Miles Of Rope

12th November 2018|

Week 3 of our 6 week Ring Muscle Up block. Be patient, build your strength in the pull and the press and never stop learning stuff. Then stick to task and practise relentlessly. Know you’ve not chosen the easy path but the road less traveled. Its way more exciting and way less boring. Do the hard yards. Do 2 miles of rope. Just sayin.


Muscle Up Progressions

3 x 5 Ring Pull

3 x 5 Ring Dip

3 x 5 Kip Swing

3 x 5 Transition


” 2 Miles Of Rope ”

2 Rounds of

100 Double Under

Run 1 mile

5 Rope Climb

CAP 20

Sinking Dinghy

11th November 2018|

Monday’s Snatch tech and our emphasis will be on the shapes we need for the set up, the first, second and third pulls. Holding these shapes for extended periods with little or no loads will help reduce the inaccuracy when moving the bar at speed. The WOD is short and requires fast transitions and concentration to get the overhead position right the first time. This may hurt a little.


E 2 M 5 R




” Sinking Dinghy ”



Cal Row

Overhead Squat (50/30)

Score is max reps

  • we will run waves for this workout


Walk Of Life

9th November 2018|

Its summer. We’re fit. We’re strong and we need to get out there and experience our beautiful back yard. The track is up and a long walk would be nice on a Saturday morning. See y’all tomorrow!


” Walk Of Life ”

Run 400 m w/x 1 DB  (22.5/15)

50 Alt DB Snatch

Waiters Walk 400 m w/DB

50 Alt DB Snatch

Run 400 m w/DB

For time.


Partners will use one DB per team

Partners will carry DB to the domain athletic track .

They will then perform 50 snatches between them.

Then waiters walk the 400 m track with the DB in the OH position.

Once walk completed then x 50 snatches

Return to base.




8th November 2018|

Friday we squat. This time we front squat building to a heavy double. Then a fun chipper from the 2014 CF Open with a big gymnastics and cardio bite. This will be fun.


E 2 M

Front Squat 10-8-6-4-2 reps


” 14.4 “

60 Cal Row

50 Toes To Bar

40 Wall Ball (9/6)

30 Clean (61/43)

20 Muscle Up

14 min AMRAP

*remember to record your time at the completion of the wall ball and the power clean for tie break.

50 Shades of Dark

7th November 2018|

Tidy up your positions, hit the points on the way through and move fast out of the squat. Then we darken up your Thursday with a repeat of this testing little AMRAP. Go to the dark place.


E 2 M 5 R

1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 Full Squat Clean + 1 Cluster (Squat Clean Thruster )



” 50 Shades of Dark ”


50 Burpee Over Bar

100 Double Under

30 Cluster (60/40)