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Big Jumping Chief’s Toes

Big Ups to those who hit the ‘nastic/metcon tests over the last couple of days. These figures will only improve through consistency and constant vigilance in our nutrition and mobility. Our programming over the years has shown the gains come when all your ducks are in order..food, water, sleep and breathing. Today we have a little fun and rattle out a demanding triplet requiring balance, coordination and focus.


E 2 M 5 R

3 Power Clean and Jerk


” Big Jumping Chief’s Toes “


3 Clean and Jerk (60/40)

6 Toes To Bar

9 Box Jump (60/50)

Rest 1 minute

5 Rounds

*start each successive round where you left off.

Score is Total Reps.

Measure Up 2

Round 2 of our Gymnastic/ Metcon tests.  These tests are awesome in that they present you with a new set of boundaries in performing big sets within small time frames. Efficiency of movement and controlled breathing will bring you the numbers again today.


” Measure Up 2 “

1/800 metre run

2/Max KBS (2 mins) (24/16)

3/Max HSPU (1 attempt) /HSH

4/Toes To Bar ( 1 attempt)

5/Max Wall Ball (2 mins)

6/ 15 ft Rope Climb (2 mins )

7/50 Cal Assault Bike (for time)

Measure Up 1

Hope you’ve all had a great long weekend. We now set our sights on hitting the Summer break in great shape..but we need a starting point to see how we develop over the next 8 weeks. A retest to follow. Enjoy this day.

Gymnastics/ Mono-Structural Testing Day 

” Measure Up 1 ”

1/ Horizontal Jump (3 attempts )

2/ Vertical Jump (3 attempts)

3/ Max Kipping Pull Up ( 1 attempt )

4/ Box Jump (2 minutes)

5/ Max Push Up (1 attempt)

6/ Row 500 m  (for time)

7/ Burpee (2 min)

8/ Double Under (2 mins)



Classes at 730am and 930am today. One class only at 5pm on Monday. There are still spaces left for our CFN Karaoke night if you’re free and need a laugh.. See CFN Facebook for details. Have a great holiday weekend!


” Loredo ”

6 rounds of

24 Squats

24 Push Ups

24 Walking Lunge Steps

Partners share reps equally/run together.





OT :90 s

1  Power Clean and Push Jerk (building)

10 Rounds


” Grace ”

30 Clean and Jerk (60/40)

For time.