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Spring Tide

Our girls and boys are out at Two To Tango on the North Shore this weekend to mix it up with the best. Get out and support Kirsty and Marcio, Mel and Kash, Nina, Hadleigh and Maddie and cheer them on hard! 


” Spring Tide ”

40  Toes To Bar (partner must stay in the hang)

50 Power Clean  (60/40) – (partner holds their barbell in hang)

60 Burpees – with jump over planked partner

50 Power Clean  (60/40) – (partner holds their barbell in hang)

40  Toes To Bar (partner must stay in the hang)

Fight Gone Bad

Today we test our front squat then have some fun with another CFN fave.


20 minutes to establish a 1 RM Front Squat


Fight Gone Bad

Wall Ball

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (35/25)

Box Jump

Push press (35/25)

Row  (calories)

3 rounds.

A round is 1 minute at each station with a continuously running clock.  1 minute rest between rounds.
Count reps (calories for rower) and the total is your score.

Compare to : 20/10/2016


Playtime with a barbell for 15 minutes, then we go fast and light with CF classic Helen after yesterdays heavy metal Linda. #feelthepower 



1 Clean and Jerk (65%-80% 1RM )


” Helen ”

Run 400 metres

21 Kettlebell Swing (24/16)

12 Pull Up

3 Rounds

Linda (aka The 3 Bars Of Death)

Its Swole Wednesday and its only fitting that Linda pays a visit.


” Linda “

10 to 1 reps of :

Deadlift  (x 1.5 BW)

Bench Press (BW)

Clean *(x .75 BW)

*Power clean unless the weight used requires a squat clean.

**although not a partner wod this is best done in pairs.

Compare to : 3/5/2016

Desolation Row

The workout asks you to maintain technical detail as the onset of fatigue pulls apart your mechanics and your will power. A brutal rowing wod that can all go to s**t if your mind lets you.


OTM 10

Odd: 1/2/3 Ring Muscle Up

Even 1/2/3 Rope Climb


” Desolation Row “

Row 500 metres

Rest 1 minute

5 rounds

* Your score is your slowest round.

**record to tenths/second


Tabata Sit Up

Compare to : 17/5/2017