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The Bear Complex

Front squat Friday sees the return of the Big Bad Bear. Get in early for the awesome 6am and 7am classes or allow yourself to think about the wod all day at work and be good to go for the Friday Night Social Club at 530pm. And a reminder that Junior CrossFit resumes at 830am tomorrow!


Every :90 s

High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Jerk

* building

7 Rounds

3 Front Squat ( 80% of 1 RM )

5 Rounds


“The Bear Complex”

5 Rounds of 7 sets of:

1 Power Clean

1 Front Squat

1 Push Press

1 Back Squat

1 Push Press

Each combination of the five movements is considered one repetition.  You will be completing 7 repetitions in one set, increasing the weight, and then completing a total of 5 work sets.  

This is not a timed workout, this is for max weight only. 

 Rest as needed between sets, but try to not let the bar touch the ground during your 7 reps.

Big Nicole’s Toes


Turkish Get Up 5 x 1 reps (each side)

Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


” Big Nicole’s Toes “


Max Toes To Bar

Run 200 metres

* When you drop off the bar Run 200 metres.


Linda (aka The 3 Bars Of Death)

For the first time ever at CFN. Super excited about this one! Due to the duration of  ‘Linda’ our strength component will involve a steady build up in all 3 movements. Athletes will be partnered/teamed up according to relative strength and weaknesses and 3 bars will be set up..And because we love you guys so much we have listened and will be starting a brand new 430pm class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!  These new sessions will kick off from Monday 16th May. And our daily 630pm classes although CrossFit classes, will double as our Intro classes to allow new members to jump in straight away and learn at their own pace. All our evening classes will have at least 3 coaches working for your benefit :-)


” Linda ”

10 to 1 reps of :

Deadlift  (x 1.5 BW)
Bench Press (BW)
Clean *(x .75 BW)

*Power clean unless the weight used requires a squat clean.


Measure Up


Measure Up 2:9:14

Half Way and a great time to check out our ‘nastics

ability and our conditioning

Gymnastics Testing Day

” Measure Up”

Horizontal Jump

Vertical Jump

Max Strict Pull Up ( 1 attempt )

Box Jump (2 minutes)

Max Push Up (1 attempt)

Row 500 m

Max HSPU ( kipping )

Burpee (2 min)

Double Under ( 2 min max reps)

3 attempts on Vertical Jump and  Horizontal Jump,  All others tests require 1 attempt only and must be done in the order shown. Work with a partner, move onto next exercise every 5 minutes.

Compare to : 20/7/2015



Kirky OHS

Week 5 and we are past the half way point of our CF Total charge. After you have achieved your squat position and a good balanced stance then you need maximum tension and focus Take a deep breath and stay tiiiight all the way down, exhale and reset..but don’t lose focus! After your squats are done you can get after the benchmark Isabel with everything you have. Your CNS will be up for it and be sure to go rattle that PB bell when you’re done ;-)


SG Press 3 x 3 reps

SG High Pull 3 x 3 reps

OHS 4 x 3 reps (@ 80% 1 RM)


” Isabel “

30 Snatch (61.5/40)

For time.

Compare to :  30/8/2015