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Boat Race

Press and Pull today. Then a big burner. Time to get up on that Hill and see what you got…


Shoulder Press 5 x 3 (65% 1RM )

Weighted Pull Up 5 x 3* reps



” Boat Race ”

Row 500 m

50 Double Under

Run 400  m

Rest 1 minute

3 Rounds

CAP 25


Fire And Ice

Hump Day and we add some box jumping tech to our deads.


Deadlift 5 x 5 reps (65% 1RM)

Box Jump 5 x 3 reps (AHAP)


“ Fire and Ice ”

3 Rounds:
3 Push Jerk (70/45)
4 Front Squat
5 Power Clean
30 Pull Up
40 Push Up
50 Sit Up

CAP 20

Stairway To Heaven

Today we get back in the rings. Then climb the stairway to Heaven..or Hell ;-)


Handstand Push Up 5 x 3 reps

Weighted Ring Dip 5 x 3 reps


” Stairway To Heaven ”


5-10-15-20-25-30-35…reps of

Wall Ball





Double Shot

Anna P OHS

A Massive Thank you to all that turned up for our Shameless Drive For 5’s on Saturday. Donations were made from not only those that trained but also the many that contributed to the fund that were unable to make the workout. We managed to raise over $300 which will now equip us with enough weight for everyone to smash their PBs come September 2’s CROSSFIT TOTAL..We are now in winter. Get up early to train, or hit the snooze button and stay in bed ? The decisions that you make every day determine your character. If every morning you ignore that voice in your head that tells you ‘Monday morning Gym Time!’, then you will become weaker. If you want to be stronger, act stronger. If you want to be fitter, get up and come to the box. We have the facility and coaching to help you progress. See y’all tomorrow!


Back Squat *5 x 3 reps (70% 1 RM )

BB Hip Thruster 5 x 5

*pause 3 secs in the bottom of squat.


” Double Shot ”
18 – 15 – 12 reps of :
Calorie Row
Power Snatch (45/30)

Directly into…

18 – 15 – 12
Toes to Bar
Overhead Squat


Sarah FSQ

Well done to those that turned up to the extreme discomfort that was Desolation Row. The whiteboard was pretty thin but the rowers are always parked out the back just in case you really want to get after this one and work on those porpoise lungs. Today is Fran..only backwards. Good Times. :-)


Back Squat 5 x 5 reps (65% of 1 RM )

BB Hip Thruster* 5 x 5 reps

*superset with Back Squat


” Narf ”

9-15-21 reps of

Thruster (42.3/30)

Pull Up