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Death By Clean And Jerk


Back Squat 5 x 2 reps

BB Hip Thruster 5 x 10 reps

* Build to a 2 RM


“Death By Clean and Jerk”

Clean And Jerk (60/40)

1 Rep minute 1, 2 reps minute 2, 3 reps minute 3, ….. etc. for as long as you are able to complete the reps in the minute allotted.


Mainsite 160705


Shoulder Press 4 x 3* (80 % 1RM )

Weighted Pull Up 5 x 3* reps

*build to a heavy triple


” Mainsite 160705 ”


25 Double Under

5 Burpee Bar Muscle Up

*scale to 5 Pull Up/ 5 H/R Push Up

Swing Demon

Donny OHS

Happy Birthday to Donny aka The Merciless God. Thankfully we politely declined his request to program ‘King Kong’ or ‘Godzilla’ today as the loads prescribed would render us useless for the rest of the month. But I’m sure Friday Tight Night will see CFN’s  favourite exhibitionist provide entertainment in the form of something brutally and dangerously heavy. Enjoy your Hump Day!


Deadlift 5 x 2*(80% 1RM )

Box Jump 5 x 3 reps (AHAP)

*Build to a heavy triple


” Swing Demon ”

15 Deadlift (60/40)

15 KBS (24/16)

10 Rounds For Time


Breakneck Speed

Boot HS

Come join Coach Donny as he returns for the weekday 6am classes in my absence. Coaches Johnny ‘ The Shu’ and Callum ‘Jimmy’ Downie will be taking the evening classes as they prepare you well for life’s battles…And don’t forget to keep Saturday 23rd free for Boot’s Big send-off. Expect a workout fit for a Hero :-)


Handstand Push Up 5 x 3 reps

Weighted Ring Dip 5 x 3 reps


” Breakneck Speed “

21 Cal Row

15 Ring Dip

9 Burpee

3 Rounds for time



This week we strip back the volume and get after a heavy triple and a heavy 2RM again on Friday. Then next Monday we retest all 3 lifts so we can reset the dial for the remaining 6 weeks of the strength cycle..Then whaddya know..it will be spring and those gains will be all yours to enjoy as we strip down the winter layer and crank the engine a little.


Back Squat 4 x 3* reps (85%)

BB Hip Thruster 5 x 10 (use same weight)

* Build to a heavy 3RM


” 13.4 “


3-6-9-12-15-18..reps of

Clean and Jerk (61.5/42.5)

Toes to Bar

Score is max reps.

Compare to : 17/2/2016