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Clean And Jerk Cindy

Keep the bar close, drive your legs into the floor and get those elbows around fast! Dip and drive from the shoulders and punch the bar hard and high..results will come :)


5 Front Squat  (70% of 1 RM Back Squat )

10 GHD Sit Up

10 GHD Back Extension

5 Rounds


” Clean And Jerk Cindy ”

1-10 reps of

Clean and Jerk (70/50)

1 Round of ‘Cindy’  after every round

CAP 16

*Cindy is :  5 Pull Up/ 10 Push Up/ 15 Squat

Compare to : 2/2/2015

Becka Checka


Our Tuesday Snatching continues with a challenging  wod of ascending complexity and decreasing reps. Set up positioning and accuracy will dictate whether the back half of this workout is achievable without missing reps. And of course a big Happy Birthday to awesome athlete, mum and dedicated wife , our very own Rebecca.. Have a fun day today Bex!


Squat Snatch 3 x 3

SG High Pull 3 x 3 reps

SG Deadlift 3 x 3 reps

OHS 3 x 3 reps

* focus on speed / positioning for SS

** build weight for HP and DL


” Becka Checka ”

21 Power Snatch (50/35)

21 Burpee

15 Overhead Squat

15 Burpee/Toes To Bar

9 Squat Snatch

9 Burpee/Bar Muscle Up

CAP 16

CF Total Recall



Great turnout for Coach Haggis’ Oly Lifting on Saturday . We at CFN are extremely fortunate to have Lifting coaches of this calibre. Not only representative of their respective countries with PBs we will only ever dream of, but passionate full time dedicated lifting coaches. But sadly Lou Guinares and Callum Downey’s classes have been under-utilised and as paid coaches we will be forced to have these specialist classes as an additional cost. So use it or lose it!


Back Squat  3 x 10 (65% of  1RM)

Rest 1 minute

Weighted Pull Up  3 x 3-5 reps

Rest 2 minutes


” CF Total Recall “


10 Chest To Bar Pull Up

MR Power Clean (80/50)

Rest 2 minutes

3 Rounds

Compare to : 31/5/2016


Buddy Up

Partner WOD 
” Buddy Up “
30 Synchronised Burpee Over Bar
Run 800 m w/ MB
60 Clean and Jerk (60/40)
Run 800 m w/ MB
30 Synchronised Burpee Over Bar

*divide reps equally

Fab Four


Our Friday Tight Night ought to see some pain faces in this multi-modal sweat-fest. Although the sets are small you need to transition quickly from your machine to get your rep count on. Recovery times will shrink to the virtual blink of an eye ;-)


 Back Squat 5 x 3* reps (@ 65 % 1 RM)
*pause 5-8 secs in bottom position.
Barbell Row 5 x 5 reps (build)
 ” Fab Four “
In 3:00
Row 30/20 cals
MR Wall Ball
Rest 1:00
In 3:00
Row 30/20 cals
MR C2B Pull Up
Rest 1:00
In 3:00
Row 30/20 cals
MR KBS (32/24)
Rest 1:00
In 3:00
Row 30/20 cals
Post separate scores.