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Rev Counter

Kirkules OHS

Monday can only mean more squatting. Today we begin Week 3 and a chance to add a wee bit more to the bar. Massive concentration is required to maintain tension in the bottom and to stay tight before the drive up is initiated. Avoid chatting, chewing gum or thinking of anything other that the three reps you will crush. And don’t forget International Quiz Night this Thursday.. Teams will be formed from the FB Event page tomorrow so if you cannot attend then please remove yourself promptly as a courtesy to your team mates. Brains will ache and food will flow so get your sitters organised now!!


Back Squat 5 x 3* reps (70%)

BB Hip Thruster 5 x 10

*3 sec pause


” Rev Counter ”

1-2-3-4..each reps of

Overhead Squat (42.5/30)

Burpee Over Bar




Frenchy’s Last Dance


Frenchy is off! Join us today at 730am and 930am with Coach Johann for his final workout with y’all.

Your CFN Family wish you and Alaetia all the best in Tahiti! Oh and Happy Birthday to the one and only Bucket!!

40 Cal Row

40 Deadlift /Push Up (60/40)

40 Pull Up

40 Wall Ball

40 Hang Clean and Jerk

4 Bar Muscle up

Partner A works/ Partner B holds Barbell

Barbell can’t be dropped except for deadlift-push up.

For hang clean and jerk partner B carry wall ball.

Med  Ball can touch the floor while athletes change position.

CAP 40 min

Air Force

Back squats all day then Friday Social Club featuring Tight Night!!This week and next week we are still maintaining our pause in the bottom of the squat. Already we are seeing great postural stability in not only the squat but the jump, the pull and even the press. Although we are not gunning for PBs this early in the program I’m sure gains are inevitable.. Then we welcome back the Air Force to test your mettle. And don’t forget Frenchy’s Last Dance at 930am on Saturday.


Back Squat 5 x 5 reps ( 70%)

Hip Thruster 5 x 5 reps


” Air Force “

20 Thruster (42.5/25)

20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

20 Push Press

20 Overhead Squat

20 Front Squat

4 Burpee OTM

For time.

Compare to : 24/1/2016


Boat Race

Press and Pull today. Then a big burner. Time to get up on that Hill and see what you got…


Shoulder Press 5 x 3 (65% 1RM )

Weighted Pull Up 5 x 3* reps



” Boat Race ”

Row 500 m

50 Double Under

Run 400  m

Rest 1 minute

3 Rounds

CAP 25


Fire And Ice

Hump Day and we add some box jumping tech to our deads.


Deadlift 5 x 5 reps (65% 1RM)

Box Jump 5 x 3 reps (AHAP)


“ Fire and Ice ”

3 Rounds:
3 Push Jerk (70/45)
4 Front Squat
5 Power Clean
30 Pull Up
40 Push Up
50 Sit Up

CAP 20