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CrossFit Total

Gozza PP

Lets set a Total ! Last class tonight at 530 pm with Friday Tight Night. Drinks to follow. Normal schedule Saturday. Gym will be closed Sunday and 530pm class only on Monday.


” CrossFit Total “

Three max lift attempts at each of the following movements:

  • Back Squat
  • Strict Press
  • Deadlift

Here is how we will run the Total at CFN :

  1. All sessions will be “open gym” format. Come in and warm up on your own. Your coaches will be there to help you if you need it.
  2. Once you start lifting, you have ONE HOUR to complete the Total. (The last session will end promptly at 7:00 PM)
  3. You may do warm-up sets, but once you “declare” your opening lift (by writing it on the whiteboard next to your name), YOU ONLY GET TWO MORE ATTEMPTS. Record all three lifts for all three movements next to your name.
  4. You must finish the squats before moving to the strict press, and you must finish the strict press before moving to the deadlift.
  5. You may do less than three max attempts for any one movement, but you CANNOT do more than three.
  6. Your final score is the total of your best lift from each movement.
  7. Use a spotter(s) for back squat.
  8. Support and encourage each other !!!

Good times. Have serious fun.

Compare to : 9/12/2015


Warrior Queen

Barbs BPE

Todays testing kept the bell rattling and it can only mean that the next 12 weeks will be Epic! We have some very strong men and women in this gym. And what is exciting is not the massive loads shifted over the last week, but the way you shifted them. Technique is at the forefront of your minds and your preparation before lifting is impressive. Your hard work is paying off and this winter will be your fittest ever. Keep up the great work!


Turkish Get Up 1-1-1-1-1 reps


“Warrior Queen”

70 Burpee

60 Sit Up

50 Kettlebell Swing (24/16)

40 Pull Up

30 Handstand Push Up


CAP 20

Compare to : 14/1/2105

CF Total Recall


A wee taste of the movements for this Fridays CF Total test. Get in early and prep hips and shoulders. Then GO HEAVY! And we welcome Lou Guinares tonight at 630pm for his Olympic Weightlifting Class. There will be No 630pm CF class but classes are at 430pm and 530pm.  


Back Squat 2-2-2

Shoulder Press 2-2-2

Deadlift 2-2-2


” CF Total Recall ”


10 Chest To Bar Pull Up

MR Power Clean (80/50)

Rest 2 minutes

3 Rounds


Red Nation

Donny OHS

‘Nastics Day continues with handstands. And a nice burner to keep you warm on these early winter’s days. Don’t forget the CrossFit Total this Friday. We get our back squat, deadlift and shoulder press numbers on the board then set a course for Friday 2nd September for celebration of the Gainz! 


Handstand Progressions

  • Headstand to kipping extension ( 3 x 3 reps)
  • -ves (9 x 1)
  • Strict ( 5 x 3-5 reps )
  • Deficit ( 5 x 2-3 reps)
  • Practise Free HS ( accumulate 45 secs )


” Red Nation ”


10 Toes To Bar

15 Box Jump

20 Wall Ball

Max Out Monday

Jeff T OHS

An amazing day and night of testing on Friday with no less than 55 personal bests set! Congrats to everyone who took part and did their very best to clean, press and squat their loads with great courage and commitment. The CrossFit Total is merely a test, but a sure way to set a value to your absolute strength and continue to build on it for years to come. As this number increases so will your ability to produce force for longer periods of time and thus create a stronger fitter faster body. And a massive thanks to Precious McKenzie and Danyon Loader for spending an awesome evening with us. And special thanks to Tim Lightbourne for his generous donation of Invivo Wines for our post workout consumption. Definitely the preferred wine choice for all discerning classy CrossFitters ;-)..Now on with the testing!


12 minutes to establish 1 RM Snatch.

12 minutes to establish 1 RM Clean and Jerk.


Row 250m

10 Burpee Over Rower

3 Rounds