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Not unlike the Barbara we know and love, this CrossFit benchmark packs a fierce punch due to her speed, and the sheer volume of reps we have to contend with. Originally written as a 1:1 work rest ratio, Barbara differs from the other bodyweight workouts in that the 3 minute rest periods allow sufficient recovery to attack the subsequent rounds with real fury. This wod is immense and the benefits will accrue almost immediately. Barbara. Disrepect her at your peril.


” Barbara”

20 Pull Up

30 Push Up

40 Sit Up

50 Squat

Rest exactly three minutes between each round.

5 rounds

CAP 40 minutes

Game Changer

Its been a busy week at CFN and after our skill work today we go short, heavy and relatively low skill..Violent hip extensions are our focus and for this we need to spend time prepping hips and lower back for at least as long as the workout itself.



2 Split Jerk (build)


” Game Changer ”

21 – 15 – 9 reps of

Deadlift (120/75)

Box Jump (75/60 cm)

*RXD is box jump and not step up.

CAP 8 minutes


Hump Day which must mean we get to pull on some big weight. Our squat cleans must be looking good by now. Anything that get this much attention and regular practice can only improve with the right application..The conditioning piece is an old main site wod which ticks all the boxes. Pace yourself carefully and be steady across all 3 movements. Finish strong. Leave it out there.  Enjoy.



2 Hang Squat Clean (build)


” Fore ”

4 minutes at each station of :

Clean and Jerk (60/40)

Row (cals)


Score is total reps

2018 Masters OLQ 3

Another beautiful day on which we get to practice new stuff. The handstand walk featured in this years Open and the movement when performed well is fun, challenging and has that massive ‘wow’ factor when observed playing with your kids in the park in summertime..thats with out getting into the massive benefits of being inverted like increased shoulder girdle stability and strength, improved posture and decompression of the lumbar spine. Becoming a ninja takes a lifetime of constant practice, trial and error, but most people who ‘go to the gym’ ain’t got time for that…CrossFit. Be Humble. Be Gentle. Be Patient.



Odd : Bar MU/Progressions

Even : Handstand Walk/ Progressions


” 2018 OLQ 3 ”


50 Wall Ball

100 Double Under

15.25 m Handstand Walk

100 Double Under

50 Cal Row

100 Double Under

15.25 m Handstand Walk

100 Double Under


Dial in your mechanics then go after this beautiful CF benchmark. But only hit it RX’D if your 1RM is at least 75% of the prescribed load, otherwise the goal is to ensure your movement doesn’t decay as you move through the back end of the workout. Avoid pressing out and stick to a plan. Coaches will advise on suitable loads to use. Isabel. She’s one tough lady.


E 2 M 5 R

2 Hang Squat Snatch (build)


” Isabel “

30 Snatch (61.5/40)

For time.

Compare to : 24/5/2017