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Tight Rope

Vertical pressing/pulling and some jumping!


E 3 M 5 R

3 Shoulder Press  (build)

2 Weighted Pull Up (build)


” Tight Rope ”

4 x 4:00/2:00 rest

3 Rope Climb

9 Deficit HSPU (4″/1″)

21/18 Cal Row

MR Double Under

Heave Ho

Snatch Tech Day and we introduce a new movement that requires great balance, timing and strength. The heaving snatch balance is the gateway to avoiding those missed or ill timed snatches!


E2M 5R

1 Power Snatch

1 Hang Power Snatch

1 Heaving Snatch Balance

1 Overhead Squat


” Heave Ho ”

21-15-9 reps of

Hang Squat Snatch (50/35)

Burpee Over Bar

CAP 10



Swole day. Go one better than last week. Then be a beast.


E 2 M 5 R

3 Deadlift (build)

2 Bench Press (build)


” Beastmaster ”


30 DB Push Press (22.5/15)

30 KBS (24/16)

30 Cal Assault Bike

30 Box Jump Over (60/50 cm)

30 Deadlift (80/55)

Compare to : 27/4/2018

Coat Hanger

We continue on our quest to fine tune our gymnastic shapes, but nothing happens without strength. Strict absolute strength which will define our ability to progress injury free when we add extra joints learning to kip.



Odd : 3-5 Strict HSPU

Even : 3-5 Strict TTB


” Coat Hanger ‘


3-6-9-12-15-18-21.. reps of

Thruster (42.5/30)

Toes To Bar

Compare to : 31/1/2018


Clean Run

A massive congrats to Dave aka ‘The Brofessor ‘who competed in this weekends NZ CrossFit Nationals. After qualifying in 6th place Dave set about fine tuning his game, practising difficult skills, working on his few weaknesses and putting in huge hours alone of suffering and hammering out his kinks. Yesterday Dave beat out the very best in NZ in a category that pitched him against young brilliant firebreathers, and climbed the podium to be the Second Fittest man in NZ !! An extraordinary effort well supported by Maggie, and kudos to the crew that ventured down to help him through the dark place. Special mention to Imche who competed well in a very tough intermediate Womens field. You guys are awesome. You inspire us to work harder and always look to be better everyday.  Red Skullz Reprazent!


Back Squat

E 2 M 9 R

6 x 70% 4 x 75% 2 x 80%

6 x 75 % 4 x 80% 2 x 85%

6 x 80% 4 x 85% 2 x 90%

*add 5-10 kg /round


” Clean Run ”

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of

Power Clean (70/45)

Run 200 m

CAP 17