Run Like Hell

2018-02-28T21:05:10+13:00 28th February 2018|

Predictions are rife going into 18.2. We know there is definitely no rowing but perhaps the barbell will make an appearance. One thing is for sure..WE WILL SQUAT! You don’t need coaches to tell you to get into the squat if you suffer from immobility above parallel. Warm up you cardio vascular system then put yourself into the ‘position of restriction’. This is a self exploratory technique to examine whats going on with your it your ankles, your lower back, your adductors, or tight quads or glutes ? SQUAT!

Strength/ Skills 


Odd : 30 s Chest To Bar Pull Up

Even : 30 s Pistol Squat/ Progression


” Run Like Hell ”

2 x 5:00/5:00 rest

30  x 10 metre Shuttle Sprint

AMRAP in remaining time :

3 Hang Squat Snatch (50/30)

6 Lateral Barbell Burpee