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Project Description

The only things #thicker than Markos PT’s accent are his quadriceps and following to follower ratio on social media.

Originally from Argentina, our internet famous wandering Instagram hero is a lover of movement, training and coaching. Markos PT embraces any opportunity to learn and then share his knowledge on his Instagram page.

Markos approaches his coaching with compassion, integrity and a holistic view of the individual and is a treasured member of our coaching staff and community. He has had success with clients from all walks of life but gets particular satisfaction in helping his clients turn around destructive and unhealthy lifestyles. On Instagram, #TransformationTuesday is his favourite day of the week.

As an emigre to our great country, Markos has plenty of opportunity to indulge his lifelong passions, which include; spending time with friends while doing handstands, traveling the world and doing handstands and exploring Auckland’s beaches, forests and volcanoes while do handstands. If this can be achieved with the camera on a timer – all the better.

No matter when you train with Coach Markos PT, you can be sure that somewhere it is #flexfriday.

#Getsome #BeImmortal

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