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2018 Intro Courses

9 sessions for $149

Our 9 session  Intro Course will set you up for CrossFit success.  The movements we perform are unique and can often take some time and practice in the beginning to learn how to execute properly.  You don’t need any special gear or clothing and you seriously don’t need to “get youself fit” before you start — that’s our job — just come prepared to sweat a little.

2018 Intro Courses

Autumn 2018
Tuesday 22 May (730pm)

Winter 2018
Tuesday 12 June (730pm)
Tuesday 3 July (730 pm)
Tuesday 24 July (730pm)
Tuesday 7 August (730pm)
Tuesday 28 August (730pm)

Spring 2018
Tuesday 18 September (730pm)
Tuesday 9 October (730pm)
Tuesday 30 October (730pm)
Tuesday 20 November (730pm)

Summer 2018
Tuesday 4 December (730pm)


Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30pm
and Saturdays 7:30am

These sessions with our experienced and qualified coaches will equip you with the necessary skills for our CrossFit classes and teach you Crossfit’s Nine Foundational Movements.  The workouts will be scaled to your strength and skill level so whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned athlete, you’ll soon be on the road to awesomeness! We’ll set you up with one of our coaches for an initial chat — they’ll discuss how many times a week they think you should be training based on your current fitness level, answer any questions or concerns you have and get you pumped to start! If you still have questions or just need a bit of a pep-talk — get in touch with us — we’d love to hear from you!





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 $149 for 9 classes and this must be paid in full before you start.

 Deposit $149 into account number 06-0257-0224720-00 using your surname as reference and we’ll be in touch :)

PDF  Download Waiver Form 

Please print and bring the completed form to your first intro session.