Tight Rope

Ramping our skills up with the legless rope climb, the double under and the pistol squat.



2 Legless Rope Climb / 5 Body Pull

40 Double Under

10 Pistol Squat


” Tight Rope ”

4 x 4:00/2:00 rest

3 Rope Climb

9 Deficit HSPU (4″/1″)

21/18 Cal Row

MR Double Under

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Beaut weather. Nice to build a bit of capacity in these early weeks. Overhead squats and running are a great way to get that..



5 Strict Toes To Bar

5  Strict def HSPU

5 OHS (build)


” Nancy ”

Run 400 m

15 Overhead Squat (42.5/ 30)

5 Rounds

CAP 20

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Front squat Friday and our early season focus is strength positioning, or pause squats . This stimulus leads to accuracy in the squat so the addition of reps and load wont lead to poor positioning leading to leaking of power..then we finish the week with one of the toughest Open workouts in recent memory. Brace yourself, breathe and keep going!



3 Front Squat (build)

3 Strict Press

30 Double Under


” 17.5 ”

9 Thruster (43/29.5)

35 Double Under

10 Rounds

CAP 20

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Bring The Noise

A nice fast complex designed to open the lungs and dial in the footwork needed to get under the bar. The shorter rest periods add an additional stressor and concentration is needed to maximise your bar speed..Then our conditioning piece also has a shorter rest period which will require you to regulate your breathing to avoid red lining too early.





” Bring The Noise ”

3 x 4:00/2:00

30/25  Cal Row


MR Clean and Jerk (60/40)

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Terror Run

And so our first Hump day rolls around and on these days we like to pick up heavy s**t.



5 TnG Deadlift (Build)

5 Bench Press (build)



” Terror Run ”

21-15-9 of

Deadlift (100/70)

Run The Hill (400 m )

For time.

2019-01-08T20:41:02+00:00 8th January 2019|

Death Race

An explosive and cruel examination of your current fitness/skill level to start the year yesterday. Well done to all who got it done. We have another opportunity to build on that score or even up skill the movements from single skips to double unders, knee raises to toe to bars or even heavier loads on the barbells. We will retest the Shit List in around 6 weeks, and your preparation will be complete for the CrossFit Open starting 23rd Feb.



:30s Strict Toes To Bar

:30s  Strict def HSPU

:30 OHS


” Death Race ”

5 Rounds of :

15/10 Cal Assault Bike

10 Burpee

CAP 10

2019-01-07T21:10:35+00:00 7th January 2019|

The Shit List

Welcome back you awesome Red Skulls! Hope your holidays were amazing and y’all got into the surf, the bush and mountains and the parks and used that fitness you worked on so hard last year. It would be an understatement to say we are excited for this year and to see you back again getting fitter and stronger than you thought possible. We, the coaches intend to meet with you one on one over the next 3 weeks and write down your goals for the year. We will then meet with you every 12 weeks and see how we are tracking for reaching those targets, whether it is one strict pull up, 10 back squats at body weight, to run a marathon or obstacle course race, or just to train consistently and regularly. We are there to help you continue on your path to awesomeness…Now for a wee test to se where you’re at 7 weeks out from the 2019 CF Open. There will be a retest in 6 weeks so lets get out there and give it shit!!


 ” The Shit List “
50 Wall Ball
50 Double Under
40 Box Jump (60/50 cm )
40 Toes To Bar
30 Chest To Bar Pull Up
30 Burpee
20 Power Clean (70/45)
20 Jerk
10 Snatch
10 Muscle Up
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Christmas eve’s workout will feature..cardio. Yep, the enduring ‘Jerry’ is no walk in the park. Push yourself hard and stick around to stretch and roll when you’re done. Then have an awesome day tomorrow with friends and family! REMINDER the gym is closed on Xmas Day and Boxing Day. Peace and Love. JS,


“Jerry ”

Run 1 mile (2 x block)

Row 2 km

Run 1 mile

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Classes at 730 and 930. Trust your wingman .

Partner WOD 

“ Wingman ”

Run 1 mile (8 x 200 m)

100 Toes to Bar

100 Jumping Lunge

100 Kettlebell Swing (24/16)

100 Calorie Row

*Partners /Teams must complete all reps before moving on to next exercise

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12 Days of Xmas

The workout will feature across all sessions , with 30 minute waves from 4pm. Please arrive half hour early to prep for your wod..


” 12 Days of Xmas ”

1 Clean and Jerk (BW *)

2 Deadlift

3 Box Jump (75/60 cm)

4 Burpee Over Bar


6 C2B Pull Up

7 H/R Push Up

8 KB Swing (32/24)

9 Sit Up

10 Wall Ball

11 Cal Row

12 B/W Front Squat

For Time

The workout begins with 1 Cn J, 1 C N J + 2 DL etc,  and will finish with one set of 12 bodyweight front squats. Optional scull at the completion of each round. Stick around for some festive cheer after the wod.

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