Dial in your mechanics then go after this beautiful CF benchmark. But only hit it RX’D if your 1RM is at least 75% of the prescribed load, otherwise the goal is to ensure your movement doesn’t decay as you move through the back end of the workout. Avoid pressing out and stick to a plan. Coaches will advise on suitable loads to use. Isabel. She’s one tough lady.


E 2 M 5 R

2 Hang Squat Snatch (build)


” Isabel “

30 Snatch (61.5/40)

For time.

Compare to : 24/5/2017

2018-10-07T23:12:00+00:00 7th October 2018|

The Longest Day

Classes at 730am and 930am tomorrow . Pairs or teams of 3. Your call.


” The Longest Day ”

100 DB Snatch (22.5/15)

Run 800 m w/DB (each)

200 metre  OH Lunge w/ DB (20 x 10m )

Run 800 m w/DB

300 Air Squat

For time.

*partners share reps equally.

**one person works at a time.

*** one DB/person. Faster runner can reduce overall time :  burpee= 2 sec reduction

2018-10-05T20:44:07+00:00 5th October 2018|

The Shit List

Yep the List is back. Not just any list but The Shit List, where there exists a movement that may not be your favourite, or perhaps your strategy on completing the task was array last time. The SL is a test to get through the metabolic and gymnastic elements as fast as possible and give yourselves those precious extra seconds to gain more burpees, clean, jerks or even muscle ups than before..Leave it all out there today concentrate on your game plan..short rest periods and tight controlled sets. Its YOU against YOU!


 ” The Shit List “
50 Wall Ball
50 Double Under
40 Box Jump (60/50 cm )
40 Toes To Bar
30 Chest To Bar Pull Up
30 Burpee
20 Power Clean (70/45)
20 Jerk
10 Snatch
10 Muscle Up
2018-10-04T22:05:36+00:00 4th October 2018|

The Hangman’s Noose

Our barbell skills continue today with the split jerk. Unlike the squat clean where we pull under the bar, the jerk is a push under the bar with real aggression and speed. Footwork and a braced midline are the points of performance in this powerful movement…Then its thrusters and rope climbs for the Hangman.



2 Split Jerk (build)


” The Hangman’s Noose ”

18-15-12-9 reps of

DB Thruster (22.5/15)


Rope Climb

CAP 14

2018-10-03T08:59:57+00:00 3rd October 2018|


Hump Day and we get a little tighter, faster and more accurate in jumping under the bar..then its a spin on one of CFN’s toughest but fairest wods, The Asphyxiator. Be steady across all 3 rounds and your glory will come.



2 Hang Squat Clean (build)


” Asphyxiate ”

3 Rounds

1 m Cal Row

1 m KBS (24/16)

1 m Burpee

1 m REST


2018-10-02T21:39:59+00:00 2nd October 2018|

Mainsite 160705

When you’re bolting down that tight alley way with your back pack filled with pilfered swag , and man-eating  dobermans are gaining exponentially on your already improved ground speed (from attending Track Gods all summer), the sudden despair at not developing that bar muscle up enters your conscience as the alley’s dead end looms suddenly and all you have left is an 8 foot wall to get over to achieve safety, freedom and wealth..all in one muscle up. Tuesdays is THE DAY. Bar Muscle ups. Get One.



Odd : Bar MU/Progressions

Even : Handstand Walk/ Progressions


” Mainsite 160705 “


25 Double Under

5 Burpee Bar Muscle Up

*scale to : 10 Jumping BMU

Compare to : 16/1/2017


2018-10-01T21:14:37+00:00 1st October 2018|


Monday Snatch Day. Get the body upright, shoulders back and drive the legs through the earth. Poor positioning and a lack of patience will cause a massive leak of power. Early pulling with bent arms or failure to set the shoulders and feet in the right place will send the load stressors into the biceps, neck and lower back, not to mention look down right ugly and fast track you to injury. Don’t let your snatch feature in the ‘how not too’ on the Yoo Toob . Take time to mobilise, go light and be patient….’Nancy’ a beautiful workout that will teach you if anything how to run better. Get It.


E 2 M 5 R

2 Hang Squat Snatch (build)


” Nancy ”

Run 400 m

15 Overhead Squat (42.5/ 30)

5 Rounds

CAP 20

Compare to : 8/1/2017

2018-09-30T21:19:23+00:00 30th September 2018|

Fire Water

Classes today at 730am and 930am with Coach Marcos..Round 2 of the ‘Season of the Beast’ at 3 pm tomorrow is CrossFit Hero classic Abatte. See you there!


” Fire Water ”


5 Thruster (60/40)

7 C2B Pull Up

9 Cal Row

Partner A completes full round while B rests.  Then switch.




2018-09-28T20:32:31+00:00 28th September 2018|

Linda aka The 3 Bars of Death

Girl Friday and we wheel out the heavyweight Linda. A workout best done in pairs so we can support one another on the bench press.  Unfortunately to hit this prescribed means a pretty big bench so scale accordingly and have some fun with it.


” Linda “

10 to 1 reps of :

Deadlift  (x 1.5 BW)

Bench Press (BW)

Clean *(x .75 BW)

*Power clean unless the weight used requires a  Squat Clean

Compare to : 3/5/2016

2018-09-27T19:08:21+00:00 27th September 2018|

Iron Maiden


Emom 10

2 split jerk


” Iron Maiden “

70 Burpee

60 Ab Mat Sit Up

50 Kettlebell Swing (24/16)

40 Toes To Bar

30 Push Jerk (60/40)

CAP 18

2018-09-26T14:28:00+00:00 26th September 2018|