Championship Fight Gone Bad

Aaand to round out this awesome week we cant do better than FGB..’Championship’ style..Next week we get back under the bar with lighter loads, positional strength holds (pause squats) and a build up in the volume over 3 weeks. And of course some tasty wods for your conditioning pleasure :)


” Championship Fight Gone Bad ”

Wall Ball

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (35/25)

Box Jump

Push press (35/25)

Row  (calories)

5 rounds.

round is 1 minute at each station with a continuously running clock.  1 minute rest between rounds.
Count reps (calories for rower) and the total is your score.

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Desolation Row

A Massive day of clean and jerks yesterday with loads of PB’s, and many hitting this monster RXd for the first time. CrossFit HQ states for an affiliate to survive it must pursue a cult of excellence.. ” The cultural imperative for affiliates can be boiled down to 4 words : Make your pack strong . If you do this you will survive..” After seeing you guys yesterday I’m convinced that we will survive the zombie apocalypse. Our pack is VERY STRONG!

After Karen, Grace and Fran,Desolation Row is no ones favourite workout. Even the rowers amongst us. But this workout does more to rowing fitness and technique than any other rowing wod we offer. Embrace The Suck.


OTM 12

Odd : 3 Front Squat (50% of 1 RM Back Squat)

Even : 6 Back Squat


” Desolation Row “

Row 500 m

Rest 1 minute

5 rounds

* Your score is your slowest round.


Tabata Sit Up

Compare to : 8/7/2016


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Day 3 of testing week and the Thunder comes to the Box! Prepare well and and the coaches will determine what loads you will use for this intense strength and stamina builder today.


OT :90 s

1  Power Clean and Jerk (building)

10 Rounds


” Grace ”

30 Clean and Jerk (60/40)

For time.

Compare to : 21/4/2016

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Well Karen sucked. Nows heres one for all you runners..:-)


Kipping Practise


” Helen ”

Run 400 m

21 Kettlebell Swing (24/16)

12 Pull Up



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This week we de load after our strength tests last week and get after a few benchmarks. ‘Karen’ will test your ability to endure discomfort. This workout will produce “a groaning sense of awfulness. Not pain in the sharp sense that pain is acute and local. Its global awfulness, a misery , like flu..” The only way to finish Karen in a reasonable amount of time is to mentally compartmentalise the the horrifying totality of the task, ignore the mental imperative to stop and just concentrate on the next few reps. When you can do that you’ve learned how to keep moving past the siren song of comfort and relief to the finish..”


” Karen “

150 Wall Ball Shots (9/6 kg)

For time.

Compare to : 15/5/2016


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Through The Roof

Classes at 730am and 930am. Open gym from 830am.


” Through The Roof ”

Run 800 m w/ DB

50 DB Snatch (22.5/15 kg)

75  Box Jump Over (60/50 cm)

100 Cal Bike * (share work)

75 Box Jump Over

50 DB Snatch

Run 800 m w/DB

For time.

*DB must stay OH while partner on bike.

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Some big PBs set in testing yesterdays deadlifts and shoulder press..Today we are squatting the world . The Back Squat. A great metaphor for life. When the weight of life feels like it will squash you down..just dig your toes in and drive it out of the hole.


Back Squat 3-2-1-1-1-1-1 reps


” Ballsy ”

100 Wall Ball

*3 Deadlift (140/90) OTM

CAP 10 minutes

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Iron Guts

Max out Thursday needs us to pull a big weight off the deck and press big off the shoulders. Then we try and lift as many reps as possible while lungs are on fire. This will be fun ;)


Deadlift 3-2-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Shoulder Press 3-2-1-1-1-1-1 reps


” Iron Guts ”

In 4:00

50 Double Under

30 Cal Row

MR Clean and Jerk (60/40)

Rest 4 :00

In 4:00

50 Double Under

30 Cal Row

MR Clean and Jerk (70/45)

Rest 4:00

In 4:00

50 Double Under

30 Cal Row

MR Clean and Jerk (80/50)

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Snatch Tech Day. Stick around for Coach Donny’s Oly Lifting class at 730 pm where he breaks you down and runs you over. Coach Markos will be mobilising at 730pm so get in on his gig if you want to hit an earlier class..


Every 2 minutes

Snatch Deadlift +

High Pull +

Hang Squat Snatch +

Squat Snatch

15 Rounds



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Toe Jam

Our squatting is looking very strong and stable, and our testing this Friday is sure to bring about some good results. Not necessarily PBs but handling the heavier loads with greater control. The same goes for our gymnastics today. What we seek is greater mid line control so keep tight in your toes to bar sets today!


Every 3 mins

5 Def HSPU (-ves)

5-10 Strict Toes To Bar

5 rounds


” Toe Jam ”

75 Toes to Bar

* 10 Power Clean (60/40) for every break

** Start with Power Clean

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