Face Off


There’s been some talk that we aren’t doing enough ‘cardio’. Although our CrossFit Total this Thursday signifies the end of our strength cycle we have never taken our foot off the gas pedal. Some wods have been short and technical, others like last weeks Storm Warning’ and The Ghost’ have left the tank empty and the bodies on the floor. That said, CrossFit’s fundamental tenet of mechanics before consistancy before intensity is and will always be practised at CFN. The thing is, a strong body, built from squats, deadlifts and pressing will maintain its structure and integrity when fatigue hits during those long workouts. Delivery of force, whether it be heavy or light, complex or basic is only efficient when alignment and posture is mechanically sound. So plug the leaks, Get STRONG from the inside out, then go eat the k’s!


Back Squat

2 x 3 reps (70-75%)

3 x 2 reps (80-90%)

3 x 1 reps (95-100%)


” Face Off ”

5 Rounds for Max Reps:
1:00 – Cal Row
1:00 – Power Clean (60/40)
1:00 – Barbell Facing Burpee
1:00 – Rest

Score each movement separately.

Compare to : 14/2/2017


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Partner Seven

A blast from the past. 6 years ago Red Skull Champ Michelle started her CrossFit journey. Now older..but stronger, faster, leaner and meaner she is a CFN Tier 1 athlete competing as a Master. But you will have to get up real early to have the privilege of sharing the gym floor with Michelle. She’ll be arriving early, leaving late and crushing everything in between. 730am and 930am classes tomorrow. Get it.


” Partner Seven ”



7 Thruster (60/40)

7 Knees To Elbow

7 Deadlift (120/80)

7 Burpee

7 Kettlebell Swing (32/24)

7 Pull Up

A completes 7 HSPU’s, B does Thrusters, A knee to elbows ..etc

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The Ghost

Its been a heavy week but we haven’t forgotten about you cardio bunnies. After pressing and pulling we open the valve and empty the barrel with The Ghost. Get ready to sweat!


Shoulder Press/Weighted Pull Up

2 x 3 reps (70-75%)

3 x 2 reps (80-90%)

3 x 1 reps (95-100%)

* superset press/pull up


” The Ghost “

1:00 cal Row

1:00 Burpee

1:00 double under

1:00 rest

6 rounds

Score each movement separately.

Compare to : 19/1/2018


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The Bear Complex

Clean tech day then the return of the awesome Bear Complex. Practise and refine your bar path and footwork, then add a little weight to the bar each round.


” The Bear Complex ”

5 Rounds of 7 sets of:

1 Power Clean

1 Front Squat

1 Push Press

1 Back Squat

1 Push Press

Each movement must be separate ie NO CLUSTERS!

Each combination of the five movements is considered one repetition.  You will be completing 7 repetitions in one set, increasing the weight, and then completing a total of 5 work sets.  

This is not a timed workout, this is for max weight only. 

The workout is a complex and the bar cannot touch the ground between reps. (Touch and Go Cleans) 

Rest as needed between sets.

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Storm Warning

Our last big heavy hit out on the deadlift before we test our mettle next Thursday in the CrossFit Total. The conditioning piece is a low skill but physically demanding workout which is designed to test your continuity and rep strategy. With a potential 75 deadlifts over 15 minutes the Storm Warning will own you if you don’t go in with a solid game plan and a confident mindset. Eat it peeps.


Deadlift/Bench Press

2 x 3 reps (70-75%)

3 x 2 reps (80-90%)

3 x 1 reps (95-100%)

* superset deads/bench


” Storm Warning ”

3 Rounds of :

30 Wall Ball (9/6)

30 Kettlebell Swing (24/16)

EMOM 5 Deadlift (100/70)

*starts with Deadlift

CAP 15 minutes

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Mainsite 180722

Tuesdays are all about the arches and the hollows. Get these essential body positions down and you are effectively bullet proofing yourself from injury. Force generation requires a core to extremity direction and the stronger the core..the faster  you can press, pull, swing, bend, twist, punch and kick!



Odd : 3-5 Strict HSPU

Even : 3-5 Strict TTB

*work for 30 secs/rest for 30 secs


” Mainsite 180722 ‘


7 Handstand Push Up*

1 Rope Climb **

* Scale to DB strict press

** Body pulls.


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Today we do some really heavy squatting. Then one of the great Open couplets using full ground to overheads and toes to bar. Pencil in next Thursday 30th as this will be our last big CrossFit Total of the year and our strength base will be laid for the CF Open, now just under 6 months away. Skills and stamina will be our priority over the spring and early summer to have us ripped and ready come February.


Back Squat

2 x 3 reps (70-75%)

3 x 2 reps (80-90%)

3 x 1 reps (95-100%)


” 13.4 ”


3-6-9-12-15-18..reps of

Clean and Jerk (61.5/42.5)

Toes to Bar

Compare to : 24/10/2017

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An amazing man who gave his life for an amazing rescue. A CFN first and definitely not the last.


” Saman”

8 Rounds of

13 Deadlift (85/55 kg )

17 Wall Ball

Run 400 m

* this workout can be scaled to partners (run together ) but in the spirit of all Hero wods an attempt should be made to go it solo.

**The workout explained is:
– 8 rounds because the kids were 3.2 km inside the cave 400m x 8 = 3.2 km
– 13 for the boys and their coach
– 17 for the how many days they were trapped inside the cave

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Jack And Cindy

Vertical pressing and pulling today. Then we drag out all the toys and have some fun with bits of Jack and Cindy.


Shoulder Press/Weighted Pull Up

2 x 3 reps (70-75%)

3 x 2 reps (80-90%)

3 x 1 reps (95-100%)

* superset press/pull up


” Jack and Cindy “

” Cindy “


5 Pull Up

10 Push Up

15 Squat

Rest 2 min

” Jack “


10 Push Press (50/35)

10 KB Swing (24/16)

10 Box Jump

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Clean Tech. Then Gwen. Like Grace but we don’t have the luxury of singles, or even touch and go bigger sets. We aim to do each round unbroken and select a ‘resting’ place either overhead, the front rack or the hang position. ‘Barbell cycling’ is unique to CrossFit and a skill we can develop closer to Open time, but practise your cycling during the warm up. The benefit of a strength training workout like this is you learn your upper limits and test your technique. Weightlifting. Its just awesome.


E 2 M 5 R

1 CG DL + 1 HPC + 1 HSC + FS + PJ


**Aim to keep the bar off the ground


” Gwen ”

15-12-9 reps of

Clean and Jerk

Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping. Use same load for each set. Rest as needed between sets.

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