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Devil’s Day

Met Con only day. Be sure to book on influx for tomorrows CrossFit Total.


” Devil’s Day ”

21-15-9 of :

Cal Row

Cal Bike

then straight into :

30 Devils Press (22.5/15)

CAP 12  minutes

2019-07-29T17:13:10+12:00 29th July 2019|

The Shit List

Mid Winter Testing and what better workout to start your week off than this classic workout. For those new to our box we do this to measure your stamina, your skills, and your overhead pulling and grip strength.. then you will have the opportunity to take whatever time is left on the clock to latch on to your barbell for cleans, jerks, possibly snatches then if you’re really good..muscle ups. Have fun with The Shit List.


 ” The Shit List “
50 Wall Ball
50 Double Under
40 Box Jump (60/50 cm )
40 Toes To Bar
30 Chest To Bar Pull Up
30 Burpee
20 Power Clean (70/45)
20 Jerk
10 Snatch
10 Muscle Up
2019-07-28T18:54:38+12:00 28th July 2019|

Swede As

Today at 930am we say farewell to Swede, the quiet but extremely talented fire breather, who has trained and excelled in most things CrossFit. Please join us for this fun and challenging partner wod to honour a good loyal decent guy whom we wish all the best in his travels and eventual relocation to Canada.


” Swede As ”

60 Hang Power Snatch (42.5/30)

120 Cal Row

50 Hang Power Snatch (50/35)

100 Box Jump (60/40)

40 Hang Power Snatch (60/40)

80 Cal Bike

CAP 40

Partners Share reps equally


2019-07-26T20:28:12+12:00 26th July 2019|

Top Gun

A solid week is rounded off with a big set of strict presses. Then we bang out a fast triplet that needs a good game plan going in.


Shoulder Press 5 x 75%, 3 x 85%, AMRAP x 95%

Superset w/ 4 x 8 reps


” Top Gun ”

50 Shoulder To OH (50/35)

Run 800 m

50 Toes To Bar

CAP 16

2019-07-25T18:47:38+12:00 25th July 2019|

In Thruster We Trust

Thruster Thursday and we practise dialling in this awesomely potent movement.


E 90 seconds 7 Rounds

1 Hang Squat Clean +

1 Squat Clean +

1 Squat Clean Thruster


” In Thruster We Trust ”

10 to 1 reps of :

Thruster (42.5/30)

Bar Facing Burpee


2019-07-24T21:29:52+12:00 24th July 2019|

Death Rattler

Mid Winter Hump Day means one thing. Picking heavy shit up off the deck. Today is our last deadlifting session of 16 weeks of Wendler Strength building. We are definitely stronger so aim to dominate that barbell in the wod today.


Deadlift 5 x 75%, 3 x 85%, AMRAP x 95%

Bench Press 5 x 75%, 3 x 85%, AMRAP x 95%

GHD Back Extension 4 x 5 reps


” Death Rattler ”

Row 2 km /1800 m

EMOM 3 Deadlift (100/70)

*start with Deads

CAP 11

2019-07-23T20:40:22+12:00 23rd July 2019|

No Strings Attached



Bar Muscle Up

Handstand Walk


” No Strings Attached ”

4 x 3:00/1:00

2 Rope Climb

8 Def HSPU (6″/2.5”)

MR Double Under


2019-07-22T21:27:41+12:00 22nd July 2019|

Ground Zero

And so we enter our last week of the winter Wendler Strength cycle. Get in this week, make no excuses and put in some good hard work. This time of year consistent training and clean eating get shoved down the order or priority. Excuses mount up, short notice influx cancellations are on the rise, and ‘work’ and ‘life’ get in the way to force your daily gym sessions into three times and twice weekly visits. CFN should be your best hour. Period. Somewhere where you go daily. Laugh and meet your friends and experience discomfort and sometimes suffer with them. Learn new shit and be more awesome, if only a little bit more. At least you tried. So come on, book your week up now and man up to your body’s obligations to train, be stronger and be better than yesterday.


5 x 75%, 3 x 85%, AMRAP  x 95%

Banded Hip Thruster  4 x 15


” Ground Zero ”

Run 200 m

21 Front Squat (70/45)

Run 200 m

15 Power Clean

Run 200 m

9 Squat Clean

CAP 15

2019-07-21T20:03:03+12:00 21st July 2019|

Till The Wheels Fall Off

Classes at 730am and 930am with Coach K-Hole. Feel the Burn.



Partner A completes  :

5 DB Thruster (2 x 15/10)

10 mtr DB Front Rack Lunge

5 DB Thruster

Partner B completes :

15/10 Cal Assault Bike

When A completes a full round they rest until B completes their bike. then switch.

A starts their bike and B starts the thruster/lunge/thruster triplet.

Each athlete must complete 5 full rounds each.

Time Cap : 25 minutes.


2019-07-19T19:40:52+12:00 19th July 2019|

Gut Burner

Another multi modal workout to keep your skill sets varied and interesting.


Shoulder Press 3 x 70%, 3  x 80%, AMRAP  x 90%

Barbell Row 4 x 8 reps


” Gut Burner ”

100 Double Under

60 Ab Mat Sit Up

50 Wall Ball (9/6)

40 Toes To Bar

30 Cal Row

CAP 14






2019-07-18T21:01:22+12:00 18th July 2019|